Our Approach


When it comes to making Beau’s, we have three important policies that guide every tub of gelato we make.


Less air

Every ice cream contains a certain amount of air which affects the smoothness, consistency and taste of the ice cream. The less air in an ice cream, the tastier the end result. And we’re all for that. 

Less air also means more density – more of the lip-smackingly good stuff – and there’s less opportunity for ice crystals to form so it’s more scoopable and a much better quality for you, our lovely ice cream eaters.  

A standard premium ice cream will likely have an overrun of 100%, a super-premium will have an overrun of less than 50% and Beau’s has between 15 - 20%. 


no pre-fabricated mixes

With quality and simplicity at the heart of our mission, we don’t use any pre-fabricated mixes.

Each gelato base is made from no more than seven ingredients – cashews, water, unrefined cane sugar and salt. 


Veganism and sustainability

Becoming vegan was the catalyst for our journey into professional ice cream making. We love  high quality, delicious food and this led us all around the world, sniffing out vegan feasts and treats.

We wanted to contribute in our own way to making the world a little better and a little tastier. Because of this, treading lightly on the earth is important to us as individuals and as a company.