Our Ice Cream


Beau’s loves a good cashew, and who wouldn't? They are bursting with nutrients and minerals and are pretty tasty to boot. When developing a range of luxuriously creamy ice creams, the cashew was the perfect ingredient to put at the centre of our recipes. 

We harness the nutritional might of the humble cashew and add natural ingredients to create a nutrient-packed treat. We dare you to leave it in the freezer for longer than a day. We also make it our priority to work with local producers and artisans at every step of the way.


In contrast to mainstream manufacturers of ice-cream, we personally handcraft the ice cream in small-batches - minimising the processing and maximising the flavour.  


We’re not fans of pre-fabricated mixes or heavily processed ingredients. Our artisanal approach to ice cream crafting means we can hand pick and source high quality, fresh ingredients. Once selected we take time to balance and fuse the flavours, nurturing the mix throughout the freezing process, to ensure our ice cream is the smoothest, creamiest and most delicious treat possible