About Beau’s


We are Amber and Joseph, the makers and minds behind Beau’s. 

Our journey into the world of professional ice cream making started at the Gelato University in Italy under the guidance of food technologist Gianpaolo Valli. Having persuaded the university to create a bespoke vegan gelato course specifically for us, we took our skills back to the UK to best serve you, our sweet-toothed community. 

From day one, we set out to get back to how gelato should be made. We saw and tasted too many ice creams that were diluted with too much air and made with pre-fabricated mixes that watered down the flavour and quality. 

We knew we had a better way of making ice cream that would retain the richness of a proper Italian gelato, using real ingredients – and without dairy to boot. 

We lovingly hand make all of our ice cream in the UK and each flavour is made from a handful of natural ingredients – cashews, water, unrefined cane sugar and salt. Our methods are simple, uncomplicated and unfussy, while the taste is anything but.